Books Dealing With Workplace Bullying

For those of you who wish to read more about the topic of workplace bullying I have put together a recommended reading list to help you all tackle workplace bullying and all forms of harassment at work.

Where Im able to give my own thoughts on the book I have done so :) Those opinion's however are only that, just opinions. And my opinions on a book are not necessarily going to match yours or other peoples. But you may find them helpful :)

Workplace Bullying: Charlotte Rayner, Helge Hoel, Cary Cooper

Workplace bullying is an area that has attracted significant press attention. A variety of surveys have revealed that this is an issue epidemic in working life in Britian; and, at a conservative estimate, over half the working population can expect to experience bullying at work (either directly by being bullied, or through witnessing it) at some stage in their careers. This is now seen to be a disturbing event, with something like a fifth of witnesses and a quarter of direct targets leaving their organizations. This serious damage to individuals has been accorded little direct research in Britian, although it has resulted in court cases brought under health and safety and equal opportunities legislation. The recognition of the problem and the emergence of court cases, have both served to focus employers on the need to deal with the issue. The recent strike vote at Ford in Dagenham, asking the employer to enforce existing anti-harassment policies, highlights the fact that having paper policies is not enough. This book is derived from the largest survey ever carried out on workplace bullying, supported by the CBI, TUC, Federation of Small Businesses, IPD, and the HSE among others. This study covered 5.500 people, but the book goes beyond it to explore all the issues associated with what is becoming a major issue.

The Bully At Work

The Bully At Work: Gary & Ruth Namie

This book exposes the strategies employed by bullies in the workplace, how to recognize them, and how to deal with them.

This is a self help type of book for targets of bullying that is clear, concise and very much to the point. It does not seek to dedicate hundreds of pages into how evil the bully is but rather jumps straight to the point of helping the target to identify their bully out of several different types and gives strategies and tips on how to deal with that type of bully.

This is the book to get if you are being bulled. No other comes close. This book has the absolute approval and backing of this site and is unique other than Corporate Hyenas below in that regard. A treble Cool rating!

Adult Bullying

Adult Bullying: Perpetrators& Victims. Peter Randall.

Another excellent book. This book really helped me whilst I was writing my dissertation on harassment at work. There was very little available at the time but I found this book and it summed up all of the research in a really concise manner.

The book may be hard reading for some, particularly where it goes into the various 'victim' personalities which I think is a little unnecessary as is the case with most victimology as it focuses on the wrong person. But nevertheless it is a leading book in this area and I fully recommend it, particularly for academics.

Bullying At Work

Bullying At Work: Andrea Adams & Neil Crawford

What can one say. The late Andrea Adams was the great pioneer that spear headed and indeed started the whole movement against workplace bullying some years ago in the United Kingdom.

Her name lives along with the other top pioneers in this field such as Heinz Leyman.

Andrea was a journalist who simply heard so many heart rendering tales from targets of harassment and believed them. She then wrote her book and the rest is history. Don't go without this one!

Bullying in the Workplace

Bullying in the Workplace : Recent Trends in Research and Practice: Dieter Zapf & Stale Einarsen.

One for the academics.

All over Europe newspaper articles and TV programs increasingly report on sometimes dramatic cases of workplace bullying. Unlike everyday conflicts at work, bullying is a long-lasting conflict where one person is systematically harassed by one or more colleagues or supervisors, resulting in severe damage to the victim's psychological and physical health. Research on workplace bullying started more than a decade ago but has increased since the 1990s. This special issue on workplace bullying documents the most recent developments in research and practice in various European countries and includes topics such as the role of personality in becoming a victim, bullying and the development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), conflict escalation and coping with bullying, and the impact of organizational status on bullying behavior.

Mobbing: Emotional Abuse

Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the Workplace: Noa Davenport

Excellent book. This book was written taking the Scandinavian label for 'bullying' in the workplace. But as Heinz Leyman once said, "in England you call it bullying, in Sweden we call it mobbing but it doesn't matter what you call it, the effects are the same".

So there you have it. An excellent book. The debate on definition of the scurge of harassment at work will continue long into the future no doubt, and that's without me involved in it by the way as I don't really care what you call it! But every piece of advice is worthwhile and this book continues to be one of the very best available :)

Fighting Back

Fighting Back: David Graves

`Fighting Back' represents a comprehensive analysis of a major industrial problem: bullying.
The book sets out a practical and strategic approach for dealing with
and combating a very serious problem.'

Tony Young, President, T.U.C.

This is a great book, very practical and an invaluable addition to any persons, let alone harassment targets book collection.

Building a Culture of Respect

Building a Culture of Respect: Noreen Tehrani, Lord Monkswell

This is a book I have not seen or read but I do know that Lord Monkswell was responsible for trying to pilot the Dignity at Work bill through Parliament back when the UK still had a Conservative government. Obviously the bill did not get very far.

As I haven't read it I can not really comment but I have little doubt that it will be one well worth reading!

Harassment at Work

Harassment, Bullying and Violence at Work: Angela Ishmael

This volume takes an in-depth look at a variety of forms of harassment which occur in the workplace. It explores the impact of harassment on the organization and the individuals concerned. It suggests reasons why people harass, and shows how to create an environment where harassment and bullying cannot thrive. Using case histories and examples, the book covers a wide range of key issues, including: forms of harassment; the victim's perspective; organizational culture; the cost/tribunals; and prevention and education.

Bullying & Sexual Harassment.

Bullying and Sexual Harassment: Tina Stephens

When does friendliness or banter become sexual harassment? How do you recognize bullying in the workplace and how can you persuade colleagues that they don't have to put up with it? This guide tackles common questions such as: where does my responsibility end?; why bother? It doesn't affect results; and isn't it just his way? Topics addressed include: writing, establishing and developing a formal policy for dealing with both bullying and sexual harassment; understanding and communicating the influence of bullying and harassment on absenteeism, productivity and reputation; establishing formal and informal complaints procedures; and training managers, recognizing problems early, and raising awareness.

Bullying Culture

Bullying Culture: Ruth Hadikin, Muriel O'Drisco

Aggression, bullying, harassment and violence are increasingly common within the NHS. Based on the personal stories of midwives, this book exposes the bullying culture that permeates every level of the NHS. Bullying behaviors between peers and across the supervisory hierarchy are explored, and the harmful effects of bullying are discussed.

The authors provide information on the law relating to intimidation and harassment in the workplace. They offer guidance for managers on how a culture of bullying can be acknowledged and addressed, and offer practical help for both bullies and their victims.